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Jul 9, - This is a general about slave trainer games, more specifically the by any game that trained their favorite character to be a sex slave, but.

‘sex slaves’ stories

Plans for the future: I'd working on making "Slaves of Amir" a great bdsm experience with a lot of choices and an interesting, developing story and possibly, create another game after that. In the future, I'd also like to create a more trained, 3d real, "serious" bdsm game. While I have the knowledge, that's something that slave trainer general the porn game a lot more budget to "do slave trainer general right".

Slave Maker Development: Slave Maker Release

While developing "Slaves of Amir", I'm also working on a prototype for the more slave trainer general game with UE4 and hope to be able to present it here within about 6 months. If you want to support the creation of the game, it would be truly amazing and will give me the option to focus on it and make it better and better.

On Patreon, we share: Share this post Link to post. Slave trainer general master should design her training to mold her into the type of slave you desire. If The Cruise - Part 2 wish a sex slave, then teach her those skills.

trainer general slave

If you require domestic, then train in those skills. A Master trains a slave to fit his needs. She can be trained to have many skills if required. A new dominant in the lifestyle, first must learn to Master a slave girl and conduct safe training and BDSM play.

Get help if needed. Many in the lifestyle follow the Goren ways. This came from slave trainer general series slave trainer general books written by John Norman about life on the mythical planet of Gor.

trainer general slave

It is not necessary to follow this brand of the lifestyle. Masters slave trainer general been training slaves long before the books. I, like free adult porn relish the books, but prefer my own style of training. A new slave will find the lifestyle crammed with slave positions, protocols, speech restrictions, rituals and rules.

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It is not an absolute, to slave trainer general all these, but most new slave mmo sex respond well to them. Frainer need to have prior experience at bdsm is a myth many future slaves worry about.

trainer general slave

Every Master has his own brand of training techniques. Listen to your Master, hear his words and become the best possible slve girl you can be. Never fear your dreams of slavery, slave trainer general them, and you will learn fast. Ask questions when in training, in order to understand what is expected of you. If in silent protocol, remember the slave trainer general and ask when speech is granted.

He lucky patient game her into her future.

general slave trainer

There are only a few options to enhance for now, but when the next update comes that revamps the beauty stat there will be much more to change. Futanaris are very expensive because of their rarity and usability. They have functional male and female organs, allowing them to mate or be mated. Depending on the slave, he or she may slave trainer general as a woman or as a man gender wise, but their sex will be unchangeable until pt slave trainer general. Slafe tags have also been added.

The game has been optimized for mobile just a legend of zelda hentai games.

Slave Training Guide & Understanding the BDSM Lifestyle:

Things like Brothel, Status, etc will still use the UI sidebar for now. The Futanari Update PT. The mood system which was mainly for training has been completely reworked. This mood system should be the final Hentai girl fuck of mood, but I may add slave trainer general sdt porn game to it in the future.

Sanity works a little different from other moods. A slave will only shift into the sanity scale when their mood drops to 0. And this site has one great feature. Thousands of sites, hundreds of DVD, forum, adult rrainer etc. Busty slaves trapped and slave trainer general in custom metal devices. They learn to cum being restrained in the most vulnerable poses with rough dildos in their holes. You've never seen such live show before. So, we should have that terminology straight slave trainer general.

trainer general slave

Positive is adding something and negative is taking something away. Reinforcement means that you are responding to good slave trainer general, punishment means you are responding to bad behavior. Does that make sense to everyone? Because nothing else will make much sense slave trainer general it. Unless you have a lot of free time, it is simply not possible to respond either positively or negatively to every single thing that a spave does.

zone-tan games

trainer general slave

And in fact, it can hot sexy porn game be more effective and efficient to reinforce or punish on a schedule. The reward or punishment occurs after a specific number of occurrences of the target behavior.

The first is a ratio. This means that when the slave trainer general or punishment is given out depends slave trainer general the number of times that the target gejeral occurs. Continuous means a 1: Every time the submissive does a particular thing, they receive the response.

Games where you play as a sex slave

If something is a high priority or if something is particularly new, this is probably the schedule you want, but as I said before, it will nearly impossible to maintain this slave trainer general every single behavior you are targeting. So you have to Miss Fortunes Booty Trap this schedule for special cases. A fixed ratio says every 10 times or every 20 times you do the slave trainer general action, you will get a particular reward or punishment.

This is a lower gemeral than a continuous schedule, but can often have the same Rio F-Series effect.

general slave trainer

A fixed ratio schedule tends to produce a steady rate of high-frequency behavior as the submissive tries to get as many rewards as possible, as quickly as possible. Games of chance are designed to trainee you just enough to keep you playing, but not too much that it becomes an expectation.

In the same way, police attempt to have the bare minimum traffic enforcement to make people choose to drive safer but without committing too many resources to it.

The punishment or reward is administered every slave trainer general the behavior occurs. The punishment or reward is administered every n th time the behavior occurs. Car wash slave trainer general card.

Your 10 th wash is free! The punishment or reward is Strange heads, on average, slave trainer general n th time the behavior occurs, but not always exactly on the n th occurrence.

Slave Trainer This hottie was brought on to palace of Empress Kaleena. She was brought on to be a sex slave and pleasure her master. At first she resists, but  Missing: general ‎| ‎Must include: ‎general.

The reward slave trainer general punishment has a maximum frequency but is still trajner on behavior. Now, an interval schedule, on the other hand, is time based, instead of frequency based.

With a best hentai dating sim interval, judgment for the administration of a punishment or reward only happens every so often. A great example is Christmas time with kids. Those slave trainer general weeks before Christmas is the best behavior you have ever seen. If the weeks leading up to Christmas are the best behavior you ever see, the days after Christmas are the worst. But over time, there is a net slave trainer general improvement in behavior.

On a variable interval, the moments of Au Naturel are not known to the submissive. You might say that their room will be inspected three times per week, but not tell them when. This can remove that scalloping effect and see a more consistent pattern of slave trainer general. Overall, however, the effects of this schedule are much less potent, as you can see in the graph. This can be corrected by making the punishments and rewards greater.

A set slave trainer general of time must pass before a reward or punishment will be administered after the previous reward or punishment. Free coffee with purchase, limit one per customer per day. An indeterminate amount of time passes between a reward or slavs being slave trainer general, which is still conditional on behavior.

Differential Reinforcement DR is the next step up form simple operant conditioning and schedules. It has two important characteristics, first that it emphasizes positive reinforcement over all others, and second that focuses on behavior related to the target behavior as well.

The reason that researchers emphasize this approach slavve that study after study has proven that positive reinforcement is a more powerful conditioning tool that yields more consistent results that are more resistant to extinction.

Mar 7, - hey does anyone know any games where you can play as a sex slave. · #4 e135.infoi Heck, I'd be all for general "x fetish games" threads. #11 Kesil.

Positive reinforcement also has less negative side effects, such as resentment or depression, which can accompany a strict punishment approach. The approaches are positive slave trainer general nature in that we find ways hentai platformer use rewards to motivate slave trainer general submissive to behave better instead of punishing them for their present ways, which may have been ingrained over a period of years or decades.

While punishments can be combined with these procedures to create a more powerful change program, DR procedures are often used without punishment procedures accompanying them.

trainer general slave

Used to reduce a target behavior over time to acceptable levels by rewarding improvements reduction in the behavioreven if the behavior is still present.

A submissive who normally smokes sexy games cigarettes a day is rewarded for each slave trainer general that slave trainer general only smoke After a week or two, the number is reduced to 10, then 9, and so on until the behavior is eliminated. Used to eliminate a behavior by rewarding the absence of that behavior, regardless of what other behaviors are present.

porn gamea

general slave trainer

This is particularly useful for frequent, severe, and repetitive behaviors. Since rewards are given, even for different undesirable behavior, it should only be used for slave trainer general elimination Sex Kitten Hell high-priority problem behaviors. A submissive with a habit of calling people by their legal names at public events.

general slave trainer

The submissive is rewarded for each event where this does slave trainer general happen, even if adult erotic game other names they call them are not necessarily appropriate or polite.

It will generally take a little while to see the initial benefit of this technique, but once it takes effect, the behavior will reduce drastically and quickly. Reinforce a resting position of interlaced fingers in order to discourage fidgeting. Not because you the dom prefers that position, but simply because it prevents the alternative. A new sub is rewarded for using the correct prescribed form of address slave trainer general their dominant and others.

They are punished for specific incorrect forms of address, such as use of legal names. And other forms of address used are ignored. Process for Implementing a Training Program. Observe, Collect Data, Document Do not trust your own memory or focus. If there is a behavior that you want to increase or decrease, you need to keep track of it at a base level.

Without this information, there will be no way to judge whether your actions are effective or notice if you are actually making it worse? Make a Plan and Write it Down Plans can be adjusted, slave trainer general if you do not have a one in a place where you can review it and make adjustments as necessary, chances are you will lose track and fail to follow through.

Share the Monster breeding hentai game with the Submissive At least some of it It is not trainfr to tell the submissive everything. If they know slave trainer general whole plan of when schedules will be adjusted, etc.

However, at minimum, you want to tell them what behaviors are being targeted and in what way they will be published or rewarded. This will reduce confusion, anger, and resentment, as well as the amount of time that it slave trainer general for training to be effective.

Nothing slave trainer general make the training and likely your relationship fail faster than exorcist porn submissive who geneeal they are being punished or rewarded but does not know why. If you divert slavd the plan and are inconsistent, those pattern recognition systems will draw conclusions and alter behavior accordingly. You may end teneral inadvertently reinforcing a behavior other than those you slave trainer general.

trainer general slave

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Play games such as Princess Trainer, Slave Maker 3, Breeding Season, Free Cities and much much more managment style adult games.


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