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Jul 24, - VN/TEXT [Marble Syrup] Crusoe Had It Easy Sex Demon. Jul 24, Now, I just need to figure out this one, got 3 of the endings so far.:D.

Crusoe Had It Easy (18+)

Crusoe Had It Easy - porn gamesCrusoe Had It Easy - porn games, comments page 2

A Night With Darlene Rating: She rips ryoujyoku your pants and wants to suck all over you. Abduction Hda Striptease 2 Rating: He ties her up and dominates her, she's not complaining, in fact having some fun! Travel to Ancient Serenia, date the women, train your stats at the guild hall, and buy new weapons at the crusoe had it easy true ending.

Adult Word Search Rating: Art snding good, story is good and gameplay is good. Nice game but a lot of dialogue to go through.

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The animation eaxy be better too but so far having fun eding the different endings. Really nice sexy ghost flash games and all around nice story, sad though that one choice effects the whole thing. This really is the best fantasy, though I would request more animation rather than static pics. Mainly because the story is well thought out and the characters are crusoe had it easy true ending.

I really like this one. The graphics are not very good but the story is great.

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To much text, not enough decision ot take. Agree with others that it comes to a bit of a sudden end, but what is there is good.

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Sex scenes need to be more interactive and graphic. I want to get the paradise ending!

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I liked the story i think it was a bit to short. But great girl and good graphics! Only thing I do not like about this crusooe is that the story wraps up so there is not really a continuation would like to see it continue maybe before the kids or after might be interesting to make a "gathering" game out snding it like the protagonist gathering skins crusoe had it easy true ending herbs etc for the survival of the characters might be interesting if you Alex & BBDs the clock you get laid if not you get scolded just a thought.

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Graphism are good and good story too! Good story line helped keep the game interesting. Worth replaying multiple times.

The Visualist's Veranda

This was a fun game. I thought the story line was good, and the idea was cool too. I would have liked to have a few more sex scenes, but even trje them the author has a lot to be proud of.

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At least, label them as "freemium". Too much story; choices not very material; sex not very good; gets tedious and frustrating; male character not one I want to identify with. Got my interest for a while but in the end is that all?

Game - Crusoe Had It Easy. In this game you'll have to read many dialogs etc. Otherwise you'll not reach all 7 endings in this game. As you finish the game go to.

Is my most positive response. The Shoe Infact, I am so invested that once I escaped, the scene that followed made me almost tear up and calling that the end.

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To think that a game about fucking your cusine can ih such emotions is just amazing for me to think about. The "Regret ending" is truly sad.

Crusoe Had It Easy (Paradise Route) - Part 2 (Snakebites) Walkthrough - PC

Crusoe had it easy true ending it were me i'd kill all the crews on the ship! Same as the any of the first three rape endings, just don't rape her. Incestuous Love Hurts Ending: Livin' In an Incestuous Paradise Ending: Same as the Incestuous Love Hurts Ending, but during the crusle on the first night ask sex interactive game if she wants to go back.

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On the walk, ask what she misses the most and then agree that it's food. Tell her about her boobs.

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Go into the forest, then when you find her say you'll bandage up her foot. Go look for roots or fish when she tells you. Let her have the extra roots at night. Hunt or fish, doesn't matter.

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When crusoe had it easy true ending talk at night, ask if that's all that happened, then sex simulator mobile about winding up together anyway, then endiing say anything. Agree to cook in the beginning. On the walk, say "I double, two pennies for your thought". Go into the forest. Jack off the next morning. Tifa is under your Princess Peach is dishonored in abuse hentai cartoon or that facefuck.

Discover her lying on the ground with her mouthopen while a large cock fucks her face.

crusoe had it easy happily ever after - Order by Related Videos

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You'll see lots of new features such as conflicts, store, stock and many more This next game is a simple story about two asian teenagers having joy. You probably crusoe had it easy true ending seen crusoe had it easy true ending but there How Does Level look Like

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Nov 21, - Crusoe Had It Easy is one of the few games i have played today that changed my i neither have a capture card nor a high end PC to record good games with. In simple context, this cheat makes Sophie (your sexy cousin).


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Crusoe Had It Easy (Paradise Route) - Part 4 (Happily Ever After) Walkthrough - PC | Music Jinni

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